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Make My Bio Link Setup Wizard

Set up your bio link in just a few minutes!

We are excited to introduce a powerful tool for all Campsite accounts. With our new Make My Bio Link setup wizard you can create an on-brand Campsite landing page in a few minutes.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

πŸ€” How does it work?

With just your website URL Make My Bio Link can find colors, fonts, copy, button styles, links, your profile image, and social accounts. Save yourself time by letting us get your profile started for you. This is free for Pro users and only a one-time payment of $5 for our free users.

🎨 Colors

We find your brand colors, the wizard gives you a color palette, and makes a suggestion for your

  • background color
  • text color
  • social icons color
  • button background, text, and outline color

πŸ…° Fonts

Make My Bio Link tries to match your website fonts, tapping into the 1000+ fonts Campsite supports to find the best match. NOT like a thoughtless child...

Papyrus SNL Skit Font Specimens

πŸ˜‚ SNL skit if you haven't seen it 🀣

Make My Bio Link not only finds your most reoccurring links from your website, eliminating ctrl + C / ctrl + v , it also pulls out all your social links.

😍 Examples

We have seen some very cool results from the wizard so far, here are a few we hand picked!


Electra Meccanica


Star En Yoga


Gizmo Brew Works

Tag us on IG if you use the Make My Bio Link setup wizard, we love seeing great outcomes! πŸ’š