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Agencies & Social Media Managers: How to Optimize Your Campsite.bio Profile

Prove your ROI, learn from your data, strategize, and do more of what's working with Pro+.

It’s up to agencies and social media managers to come through for their clients. If you manage social media on behalf of other businesses, you have to prove that your work is moving the needle. With Campsite.bio, you can give your clients link-in-bio profiles that are branded and organized smartly. Plus, advanced analytics on our Pro and Pro+ plans ensure access to detailed insights whenever you need them. This way you can not only prove your ROI, you can learn from the data, strategize, and do more of what’s working.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Actionable Reports

If you’re a social media manager at an agency, odds are you’re responsible for pulling reports. What does that data mean and what should you do with it? Campsite.bio’s actionable reports let you have all of the analytics results at your fingertips in a way that’s easy to manage and understand. This way you can focus more on your client’s success than on data gathering. With your reports in hand, you can make improvements based on the data.

Filtering & Exporting

When viewing your analytic data, Campsite.bio lets you drill down to the exact info you need to report on. For instance, filter down by country, device, referrer, or campaign. You can then download these custom results so you can take a deeper look and share with your clients.

Easy Profile Management

Managing multiple brands usually means multiple accounts. At Campsite.bio, you can manage all of your clients under a single account and invoice. It’s easy to add, remove, and switch seamlessly between profiles, so your workflow never gets bogged down. Accounts begin by supporting six profiles. If you need more, you can always modify your plan. Campsite.bio also allows up-to four collaborators (think: your account manager or intern) per account. And again, you can always add more for an extra cost.

Automation Features Keep it Fresh

We love finding ways we can streamline to save agencies and social media managers as much time and energy as possible. That’s why you can set up your Campsite.bio profile to automatically pull in each client’s newest content from their blog, YouTube channel, or Instagram feed. Automation means one less thing you have to worry about checking off your to-do list. Plus, if you have a great idea for something we could be doing better, we always welcome feedback from our users.

For each Campsite.bio profile, you can choose premium link types like multiple carousels, opt-in forms, feed links, image grids, video, and so much more. Not only will links like these optimally display information and generate excitement and clicks from users, the entire profile will appear extremely dynamic and impressive to the client.

Get our best features